Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Three Keys to a Great Worship Rehearsal

One of the things that I’ve learnt over 18 years of church music ministry and 6 years of traveling is how to get the most our of my rehearsal time. In my last two and a half years of traveling and ministering around the world, I’ve had to work with a new worship band every second week and I’ve often had very little rehearsal time. It teaches you how to be organized.

Here are three quick points to remember when preparing for a rehearsal.

1. Pick great songs

One of the secrets to worship leading is picking great, anointed worship songs. Great songs are easy to play and sing, help the singers focus on God quickly, and have the special touch of God on them. Great worship songs agree with God’s Word. A great song for your worship band will be within their ability to play well. It will be a song that your congregation loves to sing and worship with.

2. Be prepared.

Musicians are often notorious for not being organized.

* I make sure all my charts are ready and clear. It’s important to have all the copies ready and on the respective music stands before the rehearsal starts.

* I pick songs that can be easily learned in the time that I have to rehearse. I make sure I know the songs backwards and forwards. The most important parts of the song are the intros, form and endings. You should also know when you want the different instruments and vocals to come in on that particular song. If you have time, playing a recording of the song really helps. Musicians learn more from listening than almost any other source.

* It’s also important to know the drum and bass patterns for the song. Another very important area that is overlooked is the exact tempo. I write the metronome markings down and if there is any doubt, I pull out a metronome to double check the tempo.

* I also make sure I know what is happening in all the vocal parts. My charts have all the vocal parts written down so I can easily help any singer learn their part easily.

3. Lead the rehearsal with energy

Good leadership is the key to a great rehearsal and worship time. If you are prayed up, prepared and full of enthusiasm and energy, you will have a good rehearsal.

I always try to start my rehearsals on time, keep them moving quickly, have fun, find ways to encourage the band and try to communicate what needs to be done in the clearest possible way.

Rehearsals are mainly about learning the music, but if God comes down in my rehearsal time, I won’t hesitate to spend time worshipping. It’s the presence of God that makes the biggest difference in our worship. If we just sing songs without God’s presence, it’s really just noise. God makes the difference.

by Mark Cole (Arranger, Worship Leader)

Source Article: http://www.praisecharts.com/index.php?module=users&action=article&id=04

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